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The last thing a cat’s prey feels is a big warm hug from something covered in silken fur… while razor-pointed spikes sink into its neck, suffocating or severing the nervous system, so that all feeling fades away…

Just.. try and imagine that for a moment.

I don’t know if any of you have played Kirby’s Dream Land 3, but there were these spidery things in it, unique out of all entities in kirby in that Kirby could swallow them but it would actually harm him slightly to do so.

This memory became relevant as I reflected on how nothing other than house centipedes really likes to eat spiders?  Like, I saw my cat lick one once and he made the most disgusted face.

And I just found out the official name of the spider things in kirby was “Mariel”

And that is just the cutest name for a spider I’ve ever heard.  :3c

So, when guys think they’re being nice guys (and ladies should love them for it) IS it just a ploy, or do they have themselves convinced that they’re really nice guys?

[insert heavenly choir here]

[insert heavenly choir here]

You ever make some popcorn to enjoy while watching a thing..

But as soon as the popcorn is ready you get SO distracted eating it, you forget to actually start watching your thing until you’re halfway out of popcorn?

shining a flashlight in my eye so I could take an ultra-closeup of it probably wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had. Oh well.

shining a flashlight in my eye so I could take an ultra-closeup of it probably wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had. Oh well.

First (official) photo taken with my shiny new webcam.
Clearly, money well-spent.

First (official) photo taken with my shiny new webcam.

Clearly, money well-spent.


the thing about living in australia is there’s always some weird animal making some fucked up noise outside your window

As long as it stays on that side of the window, am I right?

I’ve been one of the most computer-literate people in my family for sixteen years now and I STILL don’t know why sometimes when I go to insert some text between two points in a document it’ll decide to over-writie everything to the right of the cursor instead of pushing it forward?

Female Empowerment According to Men

"You’re so confident, I bet you could wear this impractical, sexy outfit and not even feel ashamed! You ARE proud of your body, right? Good, we’ve got our cameras ready."


"Us men just think it’s the most admirable thing in the world that you can create life, I mean, something that only 1 out of every 2 people can do? That is a rare, AMAZING gift and you should be really proud of it. In fact, it would be such a shame if you DIDN’T exercise that ability; Don’t worry about all of the independence or freedom or life goals you’ll have to give up to devote yourself to motherhood, it will be worth it to do something so amazing, to do something that us men can never do!"

Three Steps to Personal Strength

1)  Acknowledge your own weakness, and identify the weakness in others around you. STOP making excuses for yourself; you don’t “deserve” a free pass to be weak because of tragedy or hardship. You want to become strong so that you can endure tragedy or hardship. Make the resolution to be better than you are now. 

2)  Always strive to be stronger. Avoid anything that would make you weak, IE never take the easy road if it means compromising the end result or putting a burden on others. Seek autonomy and independence. Form the habit of “going without” at odd times just because you think you can, to test yourself (and to enable yourself to have more when you really want it). Above all, acknowledge that you can’t give up; now that you’re conscious of your weakness, you owe it to yourself to become stronger.

3) Learn to forgive others for not being strong.  The stronger you become, the more you will realize how few people strive to be strong themselves, when the world gives them so much opportunity to be weak. You will be tempted to hold others to the same lofty standards you hold yourself; doing such accomplishes nothing save for alienating you and branding yourself an elitist.   Instead, learn to recognize and appreciate whatever strength another person DOEShave. Always support others in their efforts to become stronger, and be willing to be strong for them in the times that they can’t.

4) Acquire superpowers somehow because you are now fit to wield them.