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What happens when you cut the tree the villager is hiding.

I    F O U N D    Y O U      M O T H E R F U C K E R

Oh jeez I’ve almost missed the window of opportunity for catching Tarantulas in ACNL, haven’t I?

Oh no I really really want one. Two actually, I’ve got two characters.. :I

"Ball Rolling" Games?

Think Super Monkey Ball or Rock of Ages.. maybe even Glover or… I never played Billy Hatcher but I think that’s what it was about, right?

Anything where the gameplay is focused around directly controlling a physics-simulated ball and maneuvering it through obstacles..

Would you say that is its own genre, and if so what name do you refer to it by? Or would you consider it part of another genre and if so, which one?

inefficient video editing method

I feel like I’ve been going about this whole project in a very inefficient way..

First I wrote up a script.. 

Then I recorded audio and visual of myself reading said script, in parts..

Then I acquired some general video footage from games to go with that, and I’m just sort of editing it in on top of the scripted parts, and going back to get specific new game footage when needed, and figuring out how to edit things together as I go, and sometimes cutting out segments or replacing footage..

Should I have had a clearer plan in mind from the start? Should I have been taking each part one step at a time instead of laying out a script and then piecing stuff around it?

Tomboy Heroines

If you have a problem with heroines who are “tomboy-ish” then you can just fuck right off.

Being a tomboy just means you have qualities that are really appropriate for a sci-fi/fantasy/adventure story’s hero to have!

  • A hero in those stories has to be athletic.
  • They’re going to encounter all sorts of creepy creatures and they can’t be squeamish about it.
  • They’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors getting dirty.
  • They’ll probably deal with men a lot and have to know how to command respect “as if they were one of the dudes”
  • They’ll need to wear practical clothing.
  • They’ll have to enjoy, or at least be okay with, fighting.

If you think having ANY of those qualities makes someone “less of a woman” then congratulations, you’re a misogynist!

Having a heroine be a tomboy doesn’t suggest that women “have to be more like men if they want to be heroes”, it shows that “women can be brave and strong and capable and still be women”.  And guess what?  Tomboy heroine can go home afterwards, shower off all the orc/alien blood, and then paint her nails while watching soap operas or whatever. She can be a tomboy when that’s what’s appropriate to the situation and then enjoy superficial, stereotypically-feminine interests in her free time, if that happens to be what she likes, when those interests are actually appropriate.

Meanwhile, what does it show if your heroine, instead, shows up to the battlefield in a dress and high heels, and she’s afraid to fight, and she runs screaming from the big bug monster, and fusses over getting her clothes dirty or chipping a nail or bullshit like that?

Whether or not FLAMBOYANTLY FEMININE HEROINE actually saves the day despite not dressing or acting appropriately for such (in which case your story is just exploitation) the fact that you make her like that reinforces the misogynistic idea that THOSE qualities are what defines women.  If you were writing a male hero in the exact same situation, you would have him dressed and acting appropriately there regardless of HIS peace-time interests (maybe sergeant buzzcut likes to sip lattes and groom poodles when he’s not blasting aliens?) so why do people think a female character is “less of a woman” if she doesn’t constantly remind you how “girly” she is, even when it’s not appropriate?

The belief that women are defined by superficial interests and weakness and that men are defined by practical interests and strength is the basis of all misogyny. 

Don’t reinforce that bullshit when designing characters who are supposed to be role models for young women.

What is gender?

Seems like we all have an idea of what Gender isn’t…

But none of us can decide on what it is.

And if someone DOES try and define it they just get told “No, you’re wrong, you’re invalidating people who don’t think the same thing”.

We can’t even decide if gender is really important or not important at all, or if there is a definition and you’re wrong if you think otherwise, or if its individually determined and you’re right no matter what you believe.

What exactly are we accomplishing here except making everyone feel confused and alienated from their peers? If there’s one thing I can say with 100% certainty: No social movement EVER achieved recognition or support though dissolution and an inability to state its beliefs clearly.

People can’t accept or support something if they don’t know what it is they’re supposed to be accepting and supporting.


One of my Star Trek collector’s glasses from burger king has a big ol’ crack in it.    :[

Mm, that salad I just ate was healthy.

Was healthy, before I ran out of dressing and started squirting random condiments on to make my own.

I just google searched “How to make my home more hospitable to spiders”

Pages and pages of the exact opposite of what I was looking for. :(   No, google, I don’t want to get rid of the spiders or kill the spiders; I want them to feel at home here…

I haven’t seen many of the little darlings around and I blame the unreasonably large house centipede that I saw weeks ago (clearly he got so large by eating all my spider friends..)

I did see a woodlouse spider hunting around in my bathroom the other day, though.. I guess that’s something.

Suppose I should clear out the old cobwebs so new spiders can move into those corners?

Aaaargh I’m so mad.

There WERE two Nintendo Zones within walking distance of me;

A nice Starbucks

And one of the worst McDonalds I’ve ever seen. Always empty inside. Always either rowdy teenage douchebags or screaming drunks hanging out in the parking lot. The staff horribly rude without provocation half the time I go in there..

So you can guess which one I used to go to for my only source of relayed streetpasses and such.


I keep seeing all these posts defending cell-phone culture..

And I get that easy access to all the resources of the internet and social connection and all that are great things and all..

But can we not just gloss over the part where half my coworkers spend more time staring at their phones than actually doing the work they’re being payed for while I have to work harder to pick up their slack?

Or all the people who walk up to my counter and just fucking ignore me while I’m trying to go through a business transaction with them because they can’t put their phones down for one goddamn minute?

Or the almost daily car wrecks at the intersection between my home and my workplace, from people who can’t put their phones down while they’re driving?

Or people who literally don’t know how to socially interact with another human being in person because they’ve never HAD to do it in person?

Cell phones ARE an amazing technology  (although I’d rather see them in wristband-computer form like science fiction promised) but y’all need to know WHEN to use them and when to put them in your fucking pockets and be a functional part of the world around you.  Everything in moderation, people.