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Pay me twenty bucks and I’ll lock you in a fence and let swarms of chickens attack you.
Hylians have a really weird concept of “fun”, apparently.

Mmmm, heavily-buttered honey-wheat walnut bread with a glass of ice cold goat’s milk to wash it down.

Heavenly <3

*goes to name Link something bad and funny in Link Between Worlds*

"If you use StreetPass, the name you type in will be sent to other users you tag with StreetPass."  … … Oh.  I guess I’d feel bad naming him "Fuckboy" or something knowing it could get sent to twelve-year-olds.

I think my entire social philosophy can be summed up as follows..

If a thought or action does good for the individual or others, support it.

If it does not but does no harm either, then tolerate it.

If a thought or action harms the individual then do not enable it.

If a thought or action harms others then do not tolerate it.


Simple, right? Obvious? You’d think this is what we were all doing by default, and yet so many let personal benefit and fear of what (the wrong) people will think take precedence in their social dealings.

Maybe it isn’t entirely true that I have no concept of gender..

I do have a vague idea of what the MALE gender should be but I’m still kind of working out the specifics and making it up as I go and I don’t really have a definition of any other gender for reference?   But basically it revolves around Stoicism and giving support and protection to the people and things we care about and solving practical problems.

But unlike some people out there, I don’t believe any of those traits are exclusive to only males? Like we don’t have a monopoly on them, and other genders are NOT defined by an absence of these traits or of having opposite traits?

And I don’t think that someone who identifies as non-male must actually be male if they have those traits? And if someone who does identify as male lacks those traits I don’t accuse them of being less male?

Basically it’s just.. a guideline for being a really GOOD man .. and my basis for it is like… these are traits that most really good men seem to possess, and traits that I think are important for me to have.


On a related note, the way I see it is the only WRONG way to define a gender is one that includes bad traits that nobody should be proud of having? (Like how modern society defines men as being needlessly macho and excuses physical and sexual assault as “part of their nature”.. if that was really what a man was, why would anyone want to be a man or allow men in our society, let alone let them rule over it?)

Or any definition that involves someone else’s gender being inferior to your own in any way.

Gender should never be defined in negative or hateful terms. Discrimination and inferiority should NEVER be institutionalized or encouraged.

Literally any positive definition of any given gender, binary or nonbinary, I am okay with and interested in learning about.

People tend to get really mad or impatient with me when I tell them I don’t understand the concept of gender but I think they need to keep in mind..

I am REALLY neuro-atypical and socially independent and I just.. never learned certain artificial human concepts, such as gender, in the first place?

Think of me as a sentient animal or an alien being or something, like I come from a species that has binary physical sexes but never invented the social concept of ‘genders’ separate from physical characteristics and reproductive purposes and I want to understand this foreign human concept but people get angry at me for simply being foreign to the concept.

The thing I really don’t understand about gender is..

*thinks*  Um..

*thinks harder*  Uhhhh??

Huh. All of it, actually..

Like I guess gender would be a set of non-physical traits separate from your individual personality that is shared among all people of the same gender?  Or maybe a guideline for your role in society, in relation to other genders?

How can one element of human personalities simultaneously be so loosely defined but also so incredibly restrictive? I just don’t understand..



If I enable anon asks for a while, maybe some of my followers would be comfortable sending me asks defining their personal gender? And if you identify as a non-binary gender, you could give me a definition of the binary gender you were raised as and why you decided you didn’t match up to it?

tfw October rolls around and you remember your unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions..


So many men have internalized the lie that they have uncontrollable sex drives, and no way to control their anger. They aren’t ashamed of their abusive behavior because they see it as a something natural to them and maybe even central to their masculinity. It’s scary as hell.

Wait, “Restless Leg Syndrome” is a thing? Like, an actual, medically-recognized thing???

… *flashbacks to parents berating me at the dinner table on a daily basis*  ”Stop shaking the table, you’re being annoying. Stop acting out, If you can’t sit still you will be punished.”   D:

Every time a follower drops off I have SO many questions.

Did I bore them? Did I say something that I’m not aware is problematic? Did they misunderstand the (lack of) focus of my blog when they followed? Was it a tumblr glitch and I didn’t have as many followers as I thought to begin with?  Did they lose respect over a completely innocuous opinion?

What did I dooooo tell me so I can improve myself. D:

I get nervous when I see a “have you considered strong girls who” post because…

Half of those posts actually DO have a good message and basically just say that “Being a feminine woman doesn’t make you weak and is nothing to be ashamed of”

But the other half are chock full of thinly-veiled misogyny, glorifying women who submit to the patriarchy’s agenda (devote your life to finding a man, get married, make babies, be a housewife, never stand up for yourself, etc.) and go out of their way to shame women or female characters who are physically capable or like “boy things” or have strong, assertive personalities.


Like, you really have to read those posts carefully before you like or reblog them, be sure you aren’t unknowingly giving support to misogynistic patriarchal propaganda.